How to help your puppy during adoption time?

  1. Help your puppy with ADAPTIL Junior

    • Your puppy experiences a lot of changes when they are adopted - new family, new surroundings and new routines!
    • ADAPTIL Junior is clinically proven to help puppies adapt to unfamiliar situations.
    • It helps them feel comfortable and secure with their new family, using the natural 'appeasing message" their mum produced.
  2. Prepare your home

    • Place a comfy bed in a quiet, warm space, where your puppy will be able to feel safe and undisturbed.
    • Leave an old T-shirt with the breeder before coming home day. Then your puppy can come to your home with this, bringing some familiar scents with them.
    • Puppy-proof your home so your pup doesn't get themselves into trouble!
  3. Be patient and calm

    • This is a daunting time for your puppy. There are so many new things they will experience in just a few days.
    • Give your puppy time to adjust and get to know you. Every puppy is different, so let them settle in their own time.
    • It is a very exciting time for everyone, but encourage people to remain calm around your puppy, to avoid overwhelming them.

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Tips to help your puppy settle in

Are you dreaming about adopting a puppy?

It is hard to resist the idea of welcoming a cute ball of fluff into your family! Our article Adopting a puppy? The Dos and Don'ts has tips to help you make the decision about bringing a new furry friend into your home.

Preparing your home for your new arrival

It's so exciting thinking about the day you can finally bring your new puppy home! To help your puppy to settle into their new family it's a good idea to get your home ready for their arrival. Remember, pups like to explore and could get themselves into trouble. Read 6 things to do before your new puppy gets home to discover how to puppy-proof your home to get ready!

Start as you mean to go on

Decide on the house rules as a family, so that you can all stick to these from the beginning, e.g. if your puppy is not going to be allowed on your sofa, sit with them on the floor. Be clear on which rooms your pup will be allowed in and keep doors to other areas closed.

Your pup will learn better if there is consistency to rules, routine and training!

The car journey home

Place ADAPTIL Junior on your dog before the journey to your home. If possible, ask the breeder to place on your puppy a day or two before adoption day. Your puppy's mum released "appeasing messages' to help her litter of pups to fee secure. ADAPTIL Junior provides this natural message of comfort to help your puppy adapt to the changes that adoption brings.

Additionally, ADAPTIL Transport can be sprayed onto bedding or the car 15 minutes before your puppy gets into the car.

More tips can be found in our How to help your puppy settle into their new home article.

Welpe schaut hoch

When your first arrive home

Take your puppy to their toilet area outside first, especially if you have had a long journey. Reward your puppy when they toilet in the right place!

Gradually introduce your pup to your home, letting them explore a room at a time. Make sure they know where their food and water is, as well as their comfy bed in a safe place.

On their first day

Try and keep to the routine that they have been used to, e.g. mealtimes, Offer lots of opportunities to toilet outside, but especially after mealtimes and naptimes.

Spend time together, whether you are playing or just sitting together. It is important to remember that your pup will need plenty of opportunities to rest - they are still growing and need time to process all the new experiences they are having!

Give your puppy time to settle into their new family and surroundings before having visitors.